SKU Title Price
BS0110 Sexual Lubricant $13.95
0203 Hair Conditioner, Lavender $15.00
0205 Hair Conditioner, Mango $15.00
0201 Hair Conditioner, Unscented $15.00
0202 Shampoo, Lavender $15.00
0204 Shampoo, Mango $15.00
0200 Shampoo, Unscented $15.00
BS0011 Hand, Face & Body Lotion, Mango $15.00
BS0206 Face Cream $14.95


BomaMed Supplement Return Policy

Branded Herbs are returnable for 30 days from date of purchase if unopened & the safety seal is unbroken.

There is a re-stocking fee of 10% per item.

All Natren Products are not returnable.

All BomaSense Products are not returnable.

All Special Formulas are not returnable.