All The Talk About Swine Flu, Tamiflu and You!

As I have said repeatedly over the years and in my blogs, the best medicine is where Western and Eastern medicine merge. Knowing what to do when and using both medicines diagnostically and therapeutically is the "best medicine". 

Chinese medicine really shines when it comes to keeping your immune system up and creating a "shield" over your immune system that helps a person prevent succumbing to colds and flus easily. However, no person is completely immune no matter how much they cultivate themselves.

Treating colds and flus is one place where Chinese medicine shines brightly! We use herbal mixtures that provide broad spectrum attacks on the invading pathogens that work outstandingly well and we don't even need to know what strain it is that is coming our way. These classic methods of treating such things has worked for the last 3000 years and continues to do so.

At Bomamed, we use a combination of classic remedies coupled with our our own remedies based on these classic formulas that work incredibly well for all kinds of colds, flus, and their accompanying problems such as ear infections and upper respiratory infections. The standard symptoms of flu will respond so well to these kinds of protocols you will wonder where Chinese medicine has been all of your life!

If you are in LA, you are lucky, you can come and see us at bomamed. If you are not, then find a great Chinese medicine clinic near you and get started on developing a relationship with them so that you can not only get your immune system stronger for the prevention of illness, but you will already have a relationship established so that if you do get sick, you can get effective and swift treatment for the ailments that come along like the flu.