Are Antibiotics Overly Prescribed?

We think so! And Western science is also realizing that this practice has lead to highly resistant bacteria, such as MRSA, to name one big example. There are many benefits to not taking antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. The body's immune system works more efficiently in fighting off viral and bacterial infections when not medicated with antibiotics, we will have less chance of having a societal problem with resistant bacteria, there is less chance of a person becoming chronically ill from the overuse of antibiotics, and there a person bypasses the immediate side effects of antibiotics when not employing them. INstead a person may choose to fight off viral or bacterial infections with natural remedies that do not cause these kinds of side effects or problems to us as individuals or to us as a society. Of course using herbs must be done safely, and to do this having the guidance of your health care provider is absolutely important. Finding someone that you feel comfortable working with and that you trust is a good first step. This is an interesting article on the kinds of issues that come up with antibiotics and what scientists are finding out:


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