Beauty Comes From Within

In today's culture there is so much pressure to look beautiful and youthful. There are so many techniques to revive that youthful appearance, but at what cost? This article describes one set of risks involved with one very common beauty treatment. In reading this something bomamed wants you to think about is that how you look on the outside can vastly change depending on the condition of your internal health. For example, marks on your complexion including dark spots, or blemishes, occur in areas on the face that correspond with the internal organ imbalance that you may be experiencing. Often using the external appearance of a person is a great adjunctive form of diagnosis within a Chinese medical parameter. With this in mind, it may be easier to understand that using alternative forms of medicine may CHANGE your external appearance. Often patients at bomamed will actually say that they feel and family members and friends have commented on how much younger and more healthy they look. This is because beauty comes from the inside! Remember when you were young and your Mom used to say this? She was talking about your personality--also on the inside! Your mom knew what she was talking about:)