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Please check in with us for upcoming lectures on Chinese medicine. Boaz Brizman dynamically speaks on various topics regarding Chinese medicine and how it relates to health in today's world.

These lectures are given in some private and some public places. Please check in with us in upcoming events. Should you be interested in making a date for you own private group please give us a call or post your request here and we will email you back.


Good Intentions and Misinformation

People do many things with good intentions. Sometimes thought they dont realize that they are not built on good information. This is one example of the potential for a good thing turning into something that is not good for us as a society. Antibiotics are life savers, but not when their overuse is leading to highly resistant bacteria like MRSA and the lot!


You Are What You Eat

Watch this compelling movie trailer. It is outstanding! My father was one of the people that they were referring to that does ultimately due to pharmaceuticals. Not that they are not necessary sometimes-but not necessary to the degree they are prescribed. What can we do to prevent the need for them in our own body? See this! 


Something's Fishy!

How much does our diet affect our health? Tremendously! And, personally I believe in eating moderately. Too much of anything is not good. But, sometimes there are certain things that we should not be eating. And, those are things that we should be made aware of. This is a great article by an author on one of these subjects you mind interesting!


Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is medicine at its best. There is so much important information at our finger tips these days. Knowing when to use Western medicine, when to use alternative medicine, and when to use both is difficult, but important. Cancer may be one of those example. When chemotherapy is used, often it can start to to "kill" you too! Blood cells are lowered making the therapy difficult for the body to handle. This does not even reference the countless side effects like severe nausea, fatigue, hair loss, etc...


Are Antibiotics Overly Prescribed?

We think so! And Western science is also realizing that this practice has lead to highly resistant bacteria, such as MRSA, to name one big example. There are many benefits to not taking antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.


An Old Fashioned Problem With A Modern Twist

Kids have been getting head lice since--forever! Medications for it can be harsh and can be ineffective. PArasites like Lice are now becoming resistant just as many bacteria are these days.

There are lots of natural remedies out there, the following article mentions a couple. Lice can keep your children miserable and out of school. Consider the alternatives when a situation like lice comes up for your child! 


Super Disturbing Video-But Super Important To Know As A Parent

This is where you question whether standard methods of prevention are wise or whether alternative types of prevention are not more prudent. Preventive medicine keeps you healthy without the kinds of risks posed from other more common types of treatment. 

If you are a parent, you need to see this video:


Menstruation Blog Update

We don't watch a lot of TV or news--so we don't follow Oprah. It came to my attention today that she has hosted many people on the subject of hormones replacement lately. And, particularly in relation to the outrageously uncomfortable hormonal fluctuations that many women endure throughout their cycles. When I heard this I realized that I did not clarify a huge point in my blog on this subject. Just because you are having erratic hormonal fluctuations-this does not mean that you need to treat the problem with hormones! This is a big point.


Someone To Listen

Sadly, modern medicine has been scooped up with the rest of the professions in that, doctors no longer have the time they used to to really listen to a patient's problems. Diagnoses are made with tests and have replaced the art upon which medicine initially stoop upon--listening. There are so many different aspects of a person's lack of well being. And, how can this information be ascertained without all of the details of that person's life being gathered? 



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