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Featured Boaz Brizman as a guest speaker last night. The subject was the somatization of the emotional effects in children of divorce. This is a very tender and important subject. So many little ones suffer emotionally and consequently-physically due to divorce or parental discord.


Death by Vaccine

We are not taking a stand pro or anti vaccine, simply reporting some challenges with them. There are many ways in which to keep the body healthy-vaccines are only one of them-presumably.

Yes, there are risks with any kind of medical procedure-but how would you feel if this was your child?



An MD with a different view of the Flu

Olive Oil

For those of you who come here you know how often we recommend olive oil (not for high heat cooking though, except in certain circumstances)

Olive oil tastes great and is very healthy. This article is a great one to illustrate its healthful benefits: http://www.naturalnews.com/025290_olive_oil_cancer_polyphenols.html 


Flu Season

Don't forget to have your cold and flu remedies on hand or to come in if you get sick. Herbal remedies are very effective in treating you when you get colds and flus!

See the story below that we posted on one of recent flu patients who was also pregnant!

As always, I love to share the wealth of knowledge and experience that comes from the desk of our Western medicine pediatrician, Dr. Jay Gordon. Here is his latest letter:


The Tireless Onslaught of Information About Probiotics!:)

This is a great article-a good read. Don't miss it. 

As most of you know, our feelings here about illness is all about prevention despite our swift and effective ways to treat a person when they become ill. The most important goal is to prevent becoming ill in the first place.

Having a strong immune system is number one, and there are numerous ways to address that. Probiotics is one of those many ways and something we practice the use of in both our practice and our family life.



In case any of you missed it, tylenol was recently recalled for kids:  http://tylenol.com/

We typically do not recommend the use of tylenol-restated actually, we never recommend it. We always recommend trying to use herbal therapy to ease any symptoms that parents would use for tylenol for in their children.


Story From A Patient Who Contracted Swine Flu

You can’t get very far these days without hearing the hype, or hysteria about swine flu. Even Dr. Mehmet Oz covered the topic in his inaugural Dr. Oz talk show program this week. The probability of a ‘worldwide pandemic’ is enough to scare even the bravest people—and you can count me among that group. I even wrote last week on the icama.org forum asking for opinions about the swine flu vaccine.



More Interesting Perspective On the Flu

This is an interesting article about the flu I thought you would all enjoy. I am not suggesting to do these things, but it shows that a little wisdom when it comes to the human body can go a long way in promoting health:



Swine Flu vaccine


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