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Freedom Of Choice...Or, Not?

When it comes to the freedom to choose our healthcare, I am so grateful that we live in a country where we have access to information and choices. Or do we? This story is of a child who has cancer and is being forced by the court system to undergo chemotherapy! 


Acupuncture In The News

People seek alternative medicine for all kinds of things from acute to chronic, internal to external.


Make Every Bite Count!

In today's world, we are all very busy with family, work, friends, etc..., so it is easy to eat because you are hungry and forget to focus on the reason that we eat--nutrition! It is easy to pick up a sandwich made from white bread (did you know that white bread is made from four that has been whitened with bleach?), processed lunch meat (that is loaded with preservatives and sugar) and condiments like mayo and mustard with more junk in it as well.


Swine Flu

There is a lot of alarm about swine flu. Here is a posting from Dr. Sears. I want to comment that in Chinese medicine, we use the same kind of treatment that he is discussing, antiviral therapy.

Dr. Sears and some other docs do not advocate vaccination for prevention of swine flu.



All The Talk About Swine Flu, Tamiflu and You!

As I have said repeatedly over the years and in my blogs, the best medicine is where Western and Eastern medicine merge. Knowing what to do when and using both medicines diagnostically and therapeutically is the "best medicine". 

Chinese medicine really shines when it comes to keeping your immune system up and creating a "shield" over your immune system that helps a person prevent succumbing to colds and flus easily. However, no person is completely immune no matter how much they cultivate themselves.


Oopherectomy-Not For Me!


In my dissertation I discuss the importance of the ovaries to the health of women and how
removing the ovaries may negatively impact and inter-relate to IC (chronic bladder problems).


From Our Beloved Pediatrician

.....who I have the deepest respect for! He is a man who stands up for what he believes. This is not an easy task because his opinion is not so popular amongst the Western medical community.

I chose Dr Gordon because he offers my family Western medical support in pediatric care making our family an integrative health model.


One Thing We Have In Common-We All Have Our Opinions

...and so do food product companies. Evidently, sugar is on the rise in a society where it has been and remains a huge health issue for many people. In my opinion, over consumption of sugar is a main contributor of chronic disease. Of course, there is not only one factor in this, there are many, and sugar is a big part.


Thyroid Conditions

I was sent this article by a patient and thought it was a really nice article after I read it. It is written by a patient advocate-unassociated with Bomamed, with some great insight.

Her point is that there may be some wonderful options to consider if you have thyroid problems that are not severe.

She also underscores the importance of not self supplementing! This is advice that I very much agree with, as I have seen people get into a lot of trouble doing this.


The Latest On The Vaccine Issue


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