Taking Care of Our Children

As we indicated in the blog earlier this week, the topic of vaccinations is a hot and emotional topic and we are not representing any extreme positions. However, we would like to offer suggestions for thought so that parents can make the best decisions for their children. When we first became parents the first book we read on this issue said something that always stood out in our minds.


To Wipe or Not to Wipe, that is the Question!

OK, big issue! Today a patient came in who has eczema all over her hands and whos 
child is getting sick continuously. So I asked what is going on? Is there mold in your house?
As we sat and discussed the details of her case she took this bottle out of her bag and
showed it to me. It was the natural equivalent of the standard antimicrobial hand lotions
and wipes that are available today. I was stunned bc I realized that this was a breakdown
in communication from my part. Now I realized why she and her son had not been doing 


Flu Shot Anyone?

The heated issue of vaccinations is a topic we will tread lightly upon. However, we would like to remind people about the benefits of using natural medicine when colds and flus come up. Herbs work amazingly well for so many things, including those things caused by the overuse of certain medications like antibiotics, such as MRSA. Take a look! 


A Nation of Moderation-Maybe Not

Moderation has always been a problem for many people. Often people drink too much, smoke too much, eat too much junk food. And, we get sick. But, can we be too healthy? We are posting a story today that brings some interesting perspective on how medicine can go too far! This article shows that the current trend in endeavoring to get people's cholesterol levels down can indeed lower it to the point of causing other kinds of health risks--in fact--the big C! 


The Holistic Family

These Days parents are rethinking how they take care of their family. Diet and healthcare are a huge part of those considerations. But, also, how we parent, the techniques we use to teach and guide our children are becoming increasingly important to us. It seems that although the trend was also that more and more parents were both working, that now only one is working. And, if both are working, then more time is devoted during non working hours on quality time with the children. This study discusses the positive impact that simply family meals may have on a family.


Beauty Comes From Within

In today's culture there is so much pressure to look beautiful and youthful. There are so many techniques to revive that youthful appearance, but at what cost? This article describes one set of risks involved with one very common beauty treatment. In reading this something bomamed wants you to think about is that how you look on the outside can vastly change depending on the condition of your internal health. For example, marks on your complexion including dark spots, or blemishes, occur in areas on the face that correspond with the internal organ imbalance that you may be experiencing.


Shopping Cart Back Up

Bomamed's shopping cart is back up! We fixed our technical difficulties with it. Please visit our shopping cart for a great variety of supplements. As a patient of bomamed, this makes it easier to order your supplements. As a patient, we not only try to restore your good health, but a very important part of our job is to educate our patients in how to take good care of themselves in general. So, when things come up you can learn what to do.

We take immense pride in our long term relationships between the bomamed family and your family! 



Ginseng Reverses Lung Damage in Asthma

Asthma is a disease of the airways and lungs where airflow both in and out of the lungs is restricted. It is characterized by shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing. Most asthmatics have intermittent "attacks" and are symptom free at other times. Some asthmatics however, are never symptom free. Over time, there is damage to the tissues of the lungs and until now, this damage was thought to be irreversible.



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