Are We Doing Everything We Can For Our Children

We try to buy all organic food, limit the sugar intake we give our children, feed them whole grains, read labels on their bubble bath and shampoo, get them a non-toxic tooth paste, buy them toys that are not ridden with lead and other toxins, not let them develop a bounce house habit (also toxic lead exposure), and the list goes on! But, what about dental radiation and other toxins from certain kinds of dental practices? I have met two adult patients whos mouths and health have been severely adversely effected by inappropriate dental work.


Research Says....

Many times people come to us with the latest research on something and our response is often that one must take research into account, but, also not look at it as if it is the word of "God". People conduct research, it is not exactly unbiased medicine or completely neutral. 

And, for as many research articles there are arguing one point, there are as many arguing the exact opposite.

This is where clinical experience often becomes very pertinent in that it can really assist a clinician in formulating the proper treatment plan for his or her patient.


Cell Phone Radiation

This article is an important read in one thing we can all do to PREVENT cancer-especially brain cancer, and to protect our children most importantly. Better to avoid something than to be contemplating which way you to want to treat it-traditional-alternative or integrated. Just don't get it! Live a healthier lifestyle by being as careful as you can be.


If It Is Routine Is It Safe?

There are so many tests and procedures that are routinely recommended, colonoscopies, mammograms, and many many more. Some seem logical because despite the smaller risk, the information coming from them may prevent more serious illness. Others may not weigh out the same. This routine procedure may not win the risk to benefit ratio:


The Latest Research and What To do About What you Read

This is an interesting research article that speaks about the benefits of eating broccoli and later in the article-garlic. I am double posting here bc while broccoli is a super food and we recommend it widely, this article (like many others) is a good example of how the general public may apply information in a way that can be hurtful to them. Research is wonderful, don't get me wrong. But, it needs to be taken into context.



These days everyone is trying to look younger longer and live longer, healthier lives. This article fits much of what we at BOMAMED recommend dietarily and is rich with lots of great information and good sense.

Many people do not understand why we say the things we do when it comes to diet, and seeing other researchers who support our theories is always nice. Please read this article!


High Cholesterol

The subject of high cholesterol is an often heated issue that many people feel very passionate about and, of course concerned about if they are the "victim" of it. But, more often than not, the predicament of high cholesterol is not what we have been made to believe it is. In Dr. Matia Brizman's dissertation, she discusses this issue as it relates to chronic disease, and especially IC. In this article Dr. Mercola comes at this issue from the point of view of Western Medicine which, is incredibly illuminating and mirrors the theories laid out in Dr. Brizman's dissertation.


Vitamin D and autism

Vitamin D is a popular vitamin These days. The research is compelling on many front of combatting and preventing illness. This is an interesting article on autism and vitamin D specifically and definitely worth reading. We always recommend discussing any supplements with your health care professional before taking yourself or especially before giving any of them to your children. 


Alkaline Water? Maybe not!

Finally! An article full of wonderful information on the topic of the health risks of drinking alkaline water. Dr. Mercola is saying literally what I have been saying for years. I am so thrilled to find this article I cannot tell you. Please read this if you read nothing else!

Water is a huge issue for health and an even more important issue for those of you having chronic illness, especially IC.
And, drinking over alkaline water will make you more sick as will drinking water from many filtered systems. This is why I advocate many bottled spring waters. 



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