As always, there are differing opinions in medicine. Cholesterol is a hot issue in the last decade. Many people are on statin medications and I myself have heard many MDs who argue that they are unnecessary. Here are some references that may be a good read to hear another perspective on what may contribute to elevated chilesterol levels and what one should do about them:


Water Filters

As far as drinking water goes, we always recommend drinking bottled spring water. In our years of practice, we have seen very distinct correlation between drinking various filtered waters and the symptoms of chronic disease. However, for cooking, one can use filtered water. But, then the question becomes, which one? It is a subject that is very overwhelming.


Is Your Mattress Making You Sick?

Many people suffer from chronic problems owing to diet, medications, and/or lifestyle issues. But, one often would not think their mattress might be making them sick-or at least keeping them sick.

But, this article discusses this very possibility. It is an interesting article. 


Whooping Cough-to Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate?

As parents it is really difficult to make decisions regarding any kind of healthcare for our children bc there is so much information on every subject. Whooping cough is a tough one as well. I thought this was a very interesting article on this subject and definitely worth the read!


Look out for Toxins for your Children

Many children have chronic health issues largely owing to imbalances caused by dietary factors such as excess sugar, sugar substitutes, chemical food coloring, and other chemicals they may be subjected to in their daily routines. IT is everywhere, and as a parent very difficult to stay on top of-but-doable if one keeps themselves well read on these topics. However, it is impossible to know everything and even when well read there are issues that slip through the cracks.



I have endlessly defended my position on agave after using it for years in the clinic. I have not seen another natural sweetener that compares.

I have not had time to fully research this, but, this just came in to back up its defense.

Shocking! There is much misinformation about agave 
syrup and its production process.
The Truth
 We’ve been following with interest the article “Shocking!

We Don't Mean to Get Political

ok, maybe a little. This is a very interesting article about the gardicil vaccine and some of the politics behind it.:


Hand Sanitizer Anyone?

As everyone is trying so hard to avoid getting the flu it is not uncommon to be reaching for hand sanitizer. Some go the extra mile and get the natural versions instead of the chemical ones.

Although in our schools, hand sanitizer is an every day item. 

Personally, I cringe at the use of either the chemical or natural versions because there is so much more to our immune systems than sanitizing germs off of our body. This is great research arguing just that point. Please read this, it is so important!


Cold Flu Season


Don't forget my list of suggestions of supplements to have around the house in case you get sick.

Ear Formula, Gan Mao Ling #2, Plum Flower Zhong Gan Ling, Formula 48, Formula 49, Pill Curing, Ding Chuan Tang, and Goldenseal. These are things that can be used in many many varying combinations depending on what kind of cold/flu symptoms you get. We have them in our house all the time.



Boaz Brizman had another great appearance on the Dr. Annie Show

The Dr. Annie Thiel Radio show is a new and interesting talk show covering various subject matter. Dr. Thiel is a highly esteemed therapist having spent her life-time dedicated to adults and children and their families.

She has featured Boaz as a guest speaker on her show so that he could share his experience with children and illness from the Chinese medicine point of view-how children physically manifest their emotional pain.

His appearances are on Monday nights, and if you want to catch last week, here is the link:



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