Vitamin D and autism

Vitamin D is a popular vitamin These days. The research is compelling on many front of combatting and preventing illness. This is an interesting article on autism and vitamin D specifically and definitely worth reading. We always recommend discussing any supplements with your health care professional before taking yourself or especially before giving any of them to your children. 


Whooping Cough-to Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate?

As parents it is really difficult to make decisions regarding any kind of healthcare for our children bc there is so much information on every subject. Whooping cough is a tough one as well. I thought this was a very interesting article on this subject and definitely worth the read!


Look out for Toxins for your Children

Many children have chronic health issues largely owing to imbalances caused by dietary factors such as excess sugar, sugar substitutes, chemical food coloring, and other chemicals they may be subjected to in their daily routines. IT is everywhere, and as a parent very difficult to stay on top of-but-doable if one keeps themselves well read on these topics. However, it is impossible to know everything and even when well read there are issues that slip through the cracks.



I have endlessly defended my position on agave after using it for years in the clinic. I have not seen another natural sweetener that compares.

I have not had time to fully research this, but, this just came in to back up its defense.

Shocking! There is much misinformation about agave 
syrup and its production process.
The Truth
 We’ve been following with interest the article “Shocking!

As Always, We Could Not Agree More!

with Dr. Jay Gordon. We too have seen many cases of confirmed swine flu and many we think are swine flu and treated them all very effectively! Please read his response to a recent Peachhead2 post on the subject:


Flu Season

Don't forget to have your cold and flu remedies on hand or to come in if you get sick. Herbal remedies are very effective in treating you when you get colds and flus!

See the story below that we posted on one of recent flu patients who was also pregnant!

As always, I love to share the wealth of knowledge and experience that comes from the desk of our Western medicine pediatrician, Dr. Jay Gordon. Here is his latest letter:



In case any of you missed it, tylenol was recently recalled for kids:

We typically do not recommend the use of tylenol-restated actually, we never recommend it. We always recommend trying to use herbal therapy to ease any symptoms that parents would use for tylenol for in their children.


The Flu, Tamiflu and Immunity

This letter came in this morning from the desk of Dr. Jay Gordon, our family's pediatrician. We treat our family, but have Dr. Gordon as our Western pediatrician and rely on his expertise and good judgement in child development and health.


Will Your Pediatrician Listen To Your Concerns?

Here is a list of vaccine friendly docs in your area. If you are looking for a pediatrician who will listen to you and work out your feelings and concerns, this list may be helpful for you. Too many docs have the my way or high way attitude making it difficult to feel comfortable about your child's healthcare. Of course, using excellent preventive medicine, where clinics like ours come in is paramount, but having your western pediatrician on the same page as you is also!

Check out this list and if you know someone who is not on it, post a comment below!



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