Freedom Of Choice...Or, Not?

When it comes to the freedom to choose our healthcare, I am so grateful that we live in a country where we have access to information and choices. Or do we? This story is of a child who has cancer and is being forced by the court system to undergo chemotherapy! 


stay true

Especially today, with the economy as it is, flu scares, children, our work demands, friends and family issues - basically being pulled in so many different directions by so many different things and people at the same time, it is very important to remember who we are.  Stop and take a deep breath and re-evaluate our purpose and journey in this life.  Why are we here and what is it we need to fulfill or manifest? Are we being true to our souls and our hearts? Are we really aware and living life with our eyes open?

An Old Fashioned Problem With A Modern Twist

Kids have been getting head lice since--forever! Medications for it can be harsh and can be ineffective. PArasites like Lice are now becoming resistant just as many bacteria are these days.

There are lots of natural remedies out there, the following article mentions a couple. Lice can keep your children miserable and out of school. Consider the alternatives when a situation like lice comes up for your child! 


Super Disturbing Video-But Super Important To Know As A Parent

This is where you question whether standard methods of prevention are wise or whether alternative types of prevention are not more prudent. Preventive medicine keeps you healthy without the kinds of risks posed from other more common types of treatment. 

If you are a parent, you need to see this video:


Vaccine Ruling

Dr. Jay Gordon is a highly esteemed pediatrician here in Los Angeles. He is a Western medical doctor who practices with good common sense and a big heart. This letter came in from him to me today, so I thought I would post it regarding the continued heated issue of vaccinations, please read this, it is interesting more than anything because it comes from a man who has been practicing for almost three decades.


We Should Consider Side Effects Before Medicating Our Children

Sometimes the vaccine or medication that we consider using on our children is worse than the problem that we are trying to prevent. We should, as parents try to educate ourselves on all of the facts of a situation before jumping into a decision because someone said it was a good idea.

I am not suggesting that that is what happened in this case, but saying that because of cases such as this we should remember to always try our best to consider all the facts from both sides.


Teach Your Children To Be Wise

I cringe when I see kids eating flourescent "treats". Kids don't understand that food is not cobalt blue or ruby red naturally. This kind of thing needs to be explained. They don't know that food coloring has been found to be correlated with brain damage.  It is our responsibility as parents to not only educate ourselves, but to educate our children. They are depending on you!


Chicken Pox

AS any of you who have children know, parenting is a tough job--probably the toughest there is.
Knowing what the right thing to do is under any circumstance is difficult and when it comes to your child's health--even harder. Some parents have decided to deal with chicken pox in an interesting way. I can tell you, if you chose this route, there are lots of ways to minimize the symptoms and accelerate the healing process. Read this article: 



A New Generation

We can learn from our past mistakes and do a better job from this day forward in our own lives.
But, a huge benefit to some life changing health crisis, is that learning new tools for taking care
of our health impacts our children and that will change the course of their lives from the beginning.
How fantastic is that? I found the following article and thought it may be of interest to some of




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