The Latest Research and What To do About What you Read

This is an interesting research article that speaks about the benefits of eating broccoli and later in the article-garlic. I am double posting here bc while broccoli is a super food and we recommend it widely, this article (like many others) is a good example of how the general public may apply information in a way that can be hurtful to them. Research is wonderful, don't get me wrong. But, it needs to be taken into context.



These days everyone is trying to look younger longer and live longer, healthier lives. This article fits much of what we at BOMAMED recommend dietarily and is rich with lots of great information and good sense.

Many people do not understand why we say the things we do when it comes to diet, and seeing other researchers who support our theories is always nice. Please read this article!


High Cholesterol

The subject of high cholesterol is an often heated issue that many people feel very passionate about and, of course concerned about if they are the "victim" of it. But, more often than not, the predicament of high cholesterol is not what we have been made to believe it is. In Dr. Matia Brizman's dissertation, she discusses this issue as it relates to chronic disease, and especially IC. In this article Dr. Mercola comes at this issue from the point of view of Western Medicine which, is incredibly illuminating and mirrors the theories laid out in Dr. Brizman's dissertation.


Alkaline Water? Maybe not!

Finally! An article full of wonderful information on the topic of the health risks of drinking alkaline water. Dr. Mercola is saying literally what I have been saying for years. I am so thrilled to find this article I cannot tell you. Please read this if you read nothing else!

Water is a huge issue for health and an even more important issue for those of you having chronic illness, especially IC.
And, drinking over alkaline water will make you more sick as will drinking water from many filtered systems. This is why I advocate many bottled spring waters. 



As always, there are differing opinions in medicine. Cholesterol is a hot issue in the last decade. Many people are on statin medications and I myself have heard many MDs who argue that they are unnecessary. Here are some references that may be a good read to hear another perspective on what may contribute to elevated chilesterol levels and what one should do about them:


Water Filters

As far as drinking water goes, we always recommend drinking bottled spring water. In our years of practice, we have seen very distinct correlation between drinking various filtered waters and the symptoms of chronic disease. However, for cooking, one can use filtered water. But, then the question becomes, which one? It is a subject that is very overwhelming.



I have endlessly defended my position on agave after using it for years in the clinic. I have not seen another natural sweetener that compares.

I have not had time to fully research this, but, this just came in to back up its defense.

Shocking! There is much misinformation about agave 
syrup and its production process.
The Truth
 We’ve been following with interest the article “Shocking!

We Don't Mean to Get Political

ok, maybe a little. This is a very interesting article about the gardicil vaccine and some of the politics behind it.:


Hand Sanitizer Anyone?

As everyone is trying so hard to avoid getting the flu it is not uncommon to be reaching for hand sanitizer. Some go the extra mile and get the natural versions instead of the chemical ones.

Although in our schools, hand sanitizer is an every day item. 

Personally, I cringe at the use of either the chemical or natural versions because there is so much more to our immune systems than sanitizing germs off of our body. This is great research arguing just that point. Please read this, it is so important!



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