Vaccine Safety

Again, prevention from contracting diseases is best fought by keeping one's immunity it top shape. Doing this is best achieved by the work done with an alternative medicine practitioner.

Having knowledge and protecting one's self from the pitfalls of certain medicines is wise> This website was sent to me today. I have not seen it before. IT features an interesting article on vaccinations: 


Perspectives on Food

Traditional ideas about food come up in this article. I think it is a great article, and speaking from personal experience I have found much of the information in it applicable to my own life. I never had such a great metabolism as I have had since diverting from vegetarianism to a heavier meat and fat diet (with lots of healthy veggies as well of course).

This is a must read. Oh, BTW- if you will be eating cookies and cakes-we suggest they be naturally sweetened!


Vitamin D in Health and Illness

Inflammation is the big topic in medicine these days C Reactive Protein is a marker to guage how bad it is. There are many techniques used in alternative medicine to lower inflammation in the body by addressing the imbalances going on within it. 

I thought that this was an interesting article to share regarding this topic that can be one aspect of underlying chronic diseases!


Water is so important to our bodies-but what are we drinking?

Any one who is familiar with Bomamed knows how we feel about water. There has been a plethora of research regarding what we are drinking when we are drinking tap water-even with very sophisticated filters. Medications, chlorine and more may be found in our drinking water. Interestingly, I never thought about what I just read today. This is an interesting article on what else is being found in our water and you wont believe it! Something that we tell all of our patients to stay away from in food bc it causes so many health problems. Don't miss this article:


Cancer and Hormones

I thought this was a very insightful article written by Dr. Mercola regarding the hot topic of HRT.
I am less likely than it sounds like he is to recommend bio-identical HRT, but, I do agree that much must be done in addition to it if indeed it is being used. And, I also think that the implementation of diet and lifestyle issues is of great importance. Using herbs that encourage the body to optimize its own hormones may often be an even better approach than the use of bio-identical hormones. Here is what Dr. Mercola says:


Acupuncture In The News

People seek alternative medicine for all kinds of things from acute to chronic, internal to external.


Make Every Bite Count!

In today's world, we are all very busy with family, work, friends, etc..., so it is easy to eat because you are hungry and forget to focus on the reason that we eat--nutrition! It is easy to pick up a sandwich made from white bread (did you know that white bread is made from four that has been whitened with bleach?), processed lunch meat (that is loaded with preservatives and sugar) and condiments like mayo and mustard with more junk in it as well.


stay true

Especially today, with the economy as it is, flu scares, children, our work demands, friends and family issues - basically being pulled in so many different directions by so many different things and people at the same time, it is very important to remember who we are.  Stop and take a deep breath and re-evaluate our purpose and journey in this life.  Why are we here and what is it we need to fulfill or manifest? Are we being true to our souls and our hearts? Are we really aware and living life with our eyes open?

Swine Flu

There is a lot of alarm about swine flu. Here is a posting from Dr. Sears. I want to comment that in Chinese medicine, we use the same kind of treatment that he is discussing, antiviral therapy.

Dr. Sears and some other docs do not advocate vaccination for prevention of swine flu.



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