Superbugs, like MRSA are becoming huge problems in health and medicine owing to the overuse of antibiotics-yet another reason to reduce the number of times we allow our body to be treated with them unnecessarily. MRSA can be killed with natural herbal remedies as can staphylococcus, streptococcus and numerous other kinds of infections. Using natural resources for these purposes prevents superbugs from emerging due to overuse of antibiotics and it encourages the collective strengthening of our immune systems as a whole as well as individually.


Perspective On The Human Body

Years ago, in search of health, I began to study medicine. First, western medicine, and later various kinds of alternative medicines. I was interested in all of them. But, when I stumbled upon Chinese medicine, all of the sudden, it was like, the world began to speak my language. Odd, bc I am not Chinese. Nor dis I have any exposure to Asian culture what so ever at that point in my life. But, when I read my very first book on the subject it spoke to me in a profound way. The first book I read was "The Web That HAs No Weaver" by Ted Kaptchuck.


Food Fads

One fundamental part of what any alternative healthcare clinic will do for you is review your diet. 


Why Are So Many People Constipated?

Constipation is a huge issue for many people. In fact, so much so, that I stopped asking people, "are your bowels moving normally?". Because, people will always respond, "yes!". Then later in the conversation somehow it will come up that they may only go every three to four days and have done their entire life! People don't even realize what constipation is.There is a lot of misinformation about bowel movements. But, basically, if you are not going AT LEAST one time per day (going more often in a day is much better), then, you are constipated.


Staying Trim, Slim and Healthy

When people are overweigtht they think diet, they dont think change. They cut calories, or fat, they dont rearrange their eating habits. Most people dont realize how many pounds they hang onto just by eating things like sugar and alcohol. Sugar and alcohol are not thought of as fatty foods so most people dont cut those out. There is lots more to good health than just cutting alcohol and sugar, but if you only cut those out, you would start getting ahead of the battle with the scale.


Beauty Treatments Can be Extremely Harmful-Go Natural!

Beauty comes from within. Taking good care of your health creates beautiful skin and hair and
an energetic you! You can even go the extra mile and use acupuncture to uplift the facial muscles
to improve your youthful appearance. This article talks about botox, which, is done all the time, but
the side effects can be severe:


Taking Care of Our Children

As we indicated in the blog earlier this week, the topic of vaccinations is a hot and emotional topic and we are not representing any extreme positions. However, we would like to offer suggestions for thought so that parents can make the best decisions for their children. When we first became parents the first book we read on this issue said something that always stood out in our minds.


To Wipe or Not to Wipe, that is the Question!

OK, big issue! Today a patient came in who has eczema all over her hands and whos 
child is getting sick continuously. So I asked what is going on? Is there mold in your house?
As we sat and discussed the details of her case she took this bottle out of her bag and
showed it to me. It was the natural equivalent of the standard antimicrobial hand lotions
and wipes that are available today. I was stunned bc I realized that this was a breakdown
in communication from my part. Now I realized why she and her son had not been doing 


Flu Shot Anyone?

The heated issue of vaccinations is a topic we will tread lightly upon. However, we would like to remind people about the benefits of using natural medicine when colds and flus come up. Herbs work amazingly well for so many things, including those things caused by the overuse of certain medications like antibiotics, such as MRSA. Take a look! 



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