Changing Your Diet- for you, your family and your old age!

People often say that some of the dietary recommendations that we make may be difficult to execute in today's day and age where people drink alcohol, eat fast food and junk more often than not-that in fact, those indulgences are life's pleasures.

I would ask to stop and think one moment on the impact that changing something as simple as diet may have on not only yourself, but on the rest of your family and the years ahead for all of you. 

YOur aging process can slow down, wrinkles that would have been there may be replaced by elastic youthful skin cells, your pant size can be size 4 instead of 8, you may not get sick anymore because you were around others who are sick, your children won't have allergies and their bones will be stronger and less vulnerable to breaking while playing hard as children sometimes do! They wont be needing to go to the doctor for chronic problems like ear infections or tummy aches, and will have a better chance of not becoming really ill with some kind of chronic disease.

You will go into your years healthy without high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis and other degenerative diseases! And when you are an elderly person your chances of living those years cancer free will be better than your piers. And, your side table or medicine cabinet won't be filled with prescription after prescription. Your children wont have to look after a sick debilitated old person. but get to enjoy an active healthy elder parent. Sound silly? It isn't, it is all true!

Changing your diet can impact so many different aspects of your life. Changing what you eat can change your entire life.

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