Chinese Herbs And Immune System

Someone asked me yesterday if she should not treat her kids with herbs often bc this will weaken their immunity like using antibiotics, or NSAIDS such as advil or tylenol. Those can and do actually complicate things and often drive the virus or the bacteria in deeper and will likely create a situation in which the pathogen will come back again soon or turn into something more chronic.

My answer is that I do not believe this is true at all. Using responsible herbal therapy is meant to work WITH the body, not AGAINST it. Thus treating with herbs allows the body to express viruses or bacteria that have invaded by working with the body.

I recommend using herbs the minute you see your child is sick. Stop their vitamins and probiotics when you do this. Those kinds of supplements are meant to strengthen a person. So, if you take them when you are sick, they will strengthen the sickness. Make sense?

When the child is not sick, that is when you use your strengthening kinds of supplements and diet to work on immunity and making their immune system more strong.

This methodology has worked really well for us in our family and really well for our patient's children. We have had great success with this kind of protocol no matter what the general health is of the person involved.

These are the kinds of concepts we work hard to teach our patients when they come to a clinic like ours and why we end up working with so many families. Typically when we get a patient, we end up with another family in our practice for life. This realtionship works well as adjunctive healthcare along with your child's pediatrician or your general practitioner.

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