One hears the word detox amongst friends perhaps not often, but often enough. I hear that word constructed in a question form at the clinic all the time. People have been increasingly interested in the idea of doing a "detox" to get healthy these days.

In our humble opinions, the general kinds of detoxes out there, especially when done without professional supervision, can cause a lot of harm. There are many detoxification products that a person can buy in the health food store quite easily that may seem benign. But, if that person is wanting to do a detox, then something is probably not quite right in the first place inside their body. Using a detox product or protocol could actually create a situation in which, the straw that breaks the camel's back occurs.

Once this has happened, a person can get so sick with horrible stomach pains, bowel disturbances and even bladder disturbances. They could also experience a severe toxic feeling and extreme lethargy. I have had people so sick that they have had to quit their jobs in circumstances such as these.

In a few cases, I have had people cause themselves chronic illness that took them more than two years to get healthy from.  The body has particular ways in which it functions, and going WITH that physiology is important, not against. Using the power of the body to help you get healthier is really the way to go when it comes to achieving optimal health.

So, please think twice before you go and buy that over the counter product that is going to give you the gold key to health and youth. It actually may be a key to Pandora's box! 

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