A Drink Of Fresh Water-Maybe Not so Fresh?

So, you stop drinking sodas, sugar substitute juice, and all the rest of the "junk" drinks and start drinking your 8 glasses of water a day, and...discover, maybe what you are drinking is not so good for you? There are so many problems with the issue of water, I am not sure where to begin. Maybe we can start by the fact it is cleaned with chlorine. Well, necessary, right? Because this practice has given us germ free water, but, what happens if we consume chlorine? If we consume enough of it, we will be on our way to the hospital. But, what happens to our body if we consume a small amount daily? The amount that one would get from their 8 glass a day intake? There is a study in my dissertation that discusses chronic exposure to chlorine elevating our risks of cancer by 80%! This relates especially to bladder and colon cancer. Could water be the cause of so many health conditions we are having in our society today? Well, this may be a part of the problem. I am certainly not a water expert, but I have been practicing for 12 years now and I have a strong sense of how this may be a contributing factor to many chronic health conditions. What makes things worse is that other things are turning up in our water supply around the country and around the world! What other things? REad the following article, you will be shocked!


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