Food Coloring

In trying to help our children avoid eating foods that contribute ot health and behavioral problems, it is wise to not only think of the obvious things such as excess sugar, sugar substitutes like splenda and other artificial sweeteners, but, also to remember food coloring. If the food is bright and "glowing" I always tell our children to not eat it! A cild should ask herself how a food became the color it is. And, if it does not look like it could get that color by using real food, then the rule is, say "no thank you". We obviously can read and can make those decisions, but, how often are your children away from you at school or a birthday party or a play date and are given foods that are artificially sweetened. It is amazing to witness the very clearly delineated upward swing of bad behavior that will be expressed in a child shortly after consuming such foods. And, if eaten over time, real behavioral problems can set in. This holiday season think twice: