Food Fads

One fundamental part of what any alternative healthcare clinic will do for you is review your diet. 
Various practitioners clearly have different dietary styles as well as practice styles. We, at BOMAMED are no different. We are committed to our own belief systems. We advise going off sugar and substituting healthy sweets prepared with agave or maple syrup or fruit sugars among some others. We recommend not drinking alcohol. We recommend staying away from foods that are high in molds. And we recommend staying away from soy. Soy, for asians or other cultures that have eaten soy for generations does not seem to have the same negative effects as it does on ethnic groups not having been exposed to the intake of soy. However, that is not always true, as we have seen asian people having certain kinds of illness that have done better taking it out. This article poses some interesting insight on the topic of soy and just some of the reasons it may not be healthy for you. 

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