Freedom Of Choice...Or, Not?

When it comes to the freedom to choose our healthcare, I am so grateful that we live in a country where we have access to information and choices. Or do we? This story is of a child who has cancer and is being forced by the court system to undergo chemotherapy! 

We are not advocating against chemotherapy -but we do maintain that parents should have the right not only to their own healthcare choices, but the ones of their children. There is an increasing number of outstanding alternatives therapies for cancer that are being used as main treatments or adjunctive treatments. There are some tremendous things going on here, in our own country as well as other countries like Germany, Canada, and Mexico. And, the person having the cancer certainly should be the one to choose which route to go. After all, chemotherapy as we all know, is not always a way to cure cancer, it often may only prolong the fight.

I thought I would share this with everyone to remind us that our rights are immeasurable, and when they are taken away, well, it is concerning.