The health of Your Teeth

is so complicated really. And, holistic dentistry is becoming more and more popular these days as an extension of people gravitating toward alternative healthcare for their general health.

Taking care of your teeth starts with eating a healthy diet, drinking healthy water (we at bomamed believe in bottled spring water) and, not eating sugar and alcohol and not drinking sodas and fruit juices and drinks of the like. These things all make a huge difference.

Do you ever wonder why one person gets more cavities than another even though they seem to both take very good care of their teeth in terms of dental hygiene? Diet! It is huge!

But, this article, is very interesting because it takes things to another level. We give our children flouride free toothpaste and they eat as we do-very healthy, and drink really only water and raw milk-almost nothing else. I am thinking even though their teeth are perfect taking the advice of this articel, and I will myself try this, just to see. It is very interesting, and certainly the argument over flouride is not a new one. In some areas of the states, there are class action lawsuits against the government for putting flouride into our water supply:

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