Inflammation Nation

It seems we are a nation of many diseases that have inflammation at its root. Why is this? In our
opinion it is because we have poor diets and take medications unnecessarily and incorrectly.

The sugar and alcohol and over consumption of starch in our diets all lead to inflammation and imbalances in our intestines. The chemicals we consume within our processed foods not to mention the hormones and antibiotics--all lead to more imbalance and later inflammation as well.

We take antibiotics for things we shouldn't. Overuse of antibiotics cause great problems within our own bodies compromising flora balance in our intestines, which, then goes to effect everything else in our body's "ecosystem". This practice effects us as a society as well. This is the reason we now have super bugs that don't respond to antibiotics, MRSA being the star bacteria in this category.
The list of medications that we take for things that could be addressed with something as simple as diet is long. I won't go into it here, but consider all of the medications that you take or your friends and think to yourself for one moment how changing your diet may make a bigger difference to you in your life than taking that medication. 

Why do we have so many people that suffer from allergies and mood disorders and stomach problems? These kinds of issues have been and are growing as the decades pass. This is because our diets have gotten away from the roots of nutrition and more chemicals and sugars and alcohol have crept in. We are not meant for the diets we are eating today. Our children certainly are not. And childhood ailments are growing scarily! We never had the number of autistic, ADD, and ADHD kids we have now. You never heard of a kid suffering with chronic stomach and bladder problems that you do now. IF you go to a birthday party, just one, I bet you will see a shining example of what is in our children's diets that effects them so deeply.
We have all gotten used to do things in the manner in which we do. But, it only takes one friend to extend a hand to another and suggest some change for the message to spread.

We need to rethink how we are taking care of ourselves, our family, and our society in order to reduce the tens of inflammatory illnesses and unnecessary ailments that are going on today!

Think about having an holistic doctor as well as a family doctor to consult with who can work adjunctively to your healthcare. Today can be the first day towards getting your health back on track for the rest of your life!

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