How many people are out there suffering with insomnia? Too many. The numbers are astounding, I am sure. What is worse is that there is little out there that really addresses insomnia in a successful manner. What is worse is that numerous people become addicted to meds that help with sleep, often benzodiazapenes, which create a cycle of illness in the body that, in some cases, may take years to recover from. Other people turn to over the counter type products like tylenol pm or exedrin fo a good night's sleep, but that comes along with its own set of side effects that may lead to problems much bigger than insomnia.

There are many wonderful sleep clinics and therapists that offer help with this problem. But, there is little talk about how much Chinese medicine can help with this dreadful issue. Chinese medical texts are rich with information on insomnia and its underlying causes. There is so much we can do for this condition alone or as a part of another chronic problem.

We use methods to try and address the underlying imbalance. As that imbalance is addressed, not only the insomnia, but other unwanted symptoms should improve.

Please consider Chinese medicine if you or someone else is suffering from insomnia! 

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