Make Every Bite Count!

In today's world, we are all very busy with family, work, friends, etc..., so it is easy to eat because you are hungry and forget to focus on the reason that we eat--nutrition! It is easy to pick up a sandwich made from white bread (did you know that white bread is made from four that has been whitened with bleach?), processed lunch meat (that is loaded with preservatives and sugar) and condiments like mayo and mustard with more junk in it as well. Oh, and we didnt mention the potato chips with hydrogenated oils and fat galore and all the chemicals that we have to use a dictionary to try and even understand.

It is not THAT much harder to pick up a sandwich with whole grain bread, unprocessed lunch meat and an actual vegetable on it or two, like lettuce/spinach-or the technical fruit -avocado and some mayo or mustard that is not made with sugar and junk. And the added chips may be replaced with the non hydrogenated version. You might decide to go whild and pick up some non hydrogenated sweet potato chips!:) In today's world, there are countless options of places to stop for prepared food that is healthy and not unhealthy.
And, when you want a snack, it is just as easy to pick up some dried mangos instead of some gummy bears, or to have an a piece of fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. When you do want something decadent, buying or making something naturally sweetened is just as easy as something that is sugar sweetened!
Think about the vitamins and minerals that you are adding up in a day and say goodbye to all of the junk you have been feeding your body up until now. Oh yes, and drink water, not soda and not alcohol that dehydrates your skin and causes wrinkles. You will notice that your moods are more even, your energy is better, your skin glows, your nails and hair are shinier, and you are sleeping like a baby again!