Menstruation Blog Update

We don't watch a lot of TV or news--so we don't follow Oprah. It came to my attention today that she has hosted many people on the subject of hormones replacement lately. And, particularly in relation to the outrageously uncomfortable hormonal fluctuations that many women endure throughout their cycles. When I heard this I realized that I did not clarify a huge point in my blog on this subject. Just because you are having erratic hormonal fluctuations-this does not mean that you need to treat the problem with hormones! This is a big point.

I hope that from the blog that I posted last week that the ultimate point communicated was that when the body is addressed from a holistic point of view that that balance in turn changes the way in which one experiences her hormonal fluctuations. So, in other words, and estrogen deficiency does not have to be treated with estrogen. One can work with optimizing the function of digestion and assimilation of nutrients to change that. Make sense? Comments are welcomed so that I may illuminate this subject matter. So feel free to comment.

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