Superbugs, like MRSA are becoming huge problems in health and medicine owing to the overuse of antibiotics-yet another reason to reduce the number of times we allow our body to be treated with them unnecessarily. MRSA can be killed with natural herbal remedies as can staphylococcus, streptococcus and numerous other kinds of infections. Using natural resources for these purposes prevents superbugs from emerging due to overuse of antibiotics and it encourages the collective strengthening of our immune systems as a whole as well as individually. This in turn will reduce the liklihood of succumbing to chronic illness, a view upheld by many in the world of alternative medicine. There is a reason why so many chronic illnesses and conditions are increasing in our society. It is the way in which we manage our healthcare, our diets, and our lifestyles. Taking charge of our health and exploring the alternate solutions to medications will improve everything about our life. It will also improve our environment. Did you know that medications are showing up in our water supply! We will have more on that in the next few days. For now, here is the article about plant extracts being effective against the dreaded bacterium- MRSA.  

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