A Nation of Moderation-Maybe Not

Moderation has always been a problem for many people. Often people drink too much, smoke too much, eat too much junk food. And, we get sick. But, can we be too healthy? We are posting a story today that brings some interesting perspective on how medicine can go too far! This article shows that the current trend in endeavoring to get people's cholesterol levels down can indeed lower it to the point of causing other kinds of health risks--in fact--the big C! 

Moderation is something that has been taught in many walks of philosophy, chinese medicine being one. In fact, in Chinese medicine one theory says that something that goes to an extreme becomes its polar opposite. So, for example, yin that goes to extreme Yin becomes Yang. Yin and Yang are opposites of each other.

One way to look at this is from the famous expression, 'nature abhores a vacuum." Meaning, that nature will find a way to fill a spot that is empty. In this case, the article is speaking of lowering cholesterol. Interestingly, in these cases where cholesterol was driven down too far, cancer came in. What is cancer? Cells that are growing masses. What are masses? Things that fill space. What space? The space that was created bc the cholesterol levels were driven down so far, emptiness was created. 

We all need to find out way down the middle road. This is really the path toward health. When we take something too much to the right or left we often find ourselves lost and looking for the way to go-realizing how far we have ventured off our course.


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