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We don't watch a lot of TV or news--so we don't follow Oprah. It came to my attention today that she has hosted many people on the subject of hormones replacement lately. And, particularly in relation to the outrageously uncomfortable hormonal fluctuations that many women endure throughout their cycles. When I heard this I realized that I did not clarify a huge point in my blog on this subject. Just because you are having erratic hormonal fluctuations-this does not mean that you need to treat the problem with hormones! This is a big point.


Someone To Listen

Sadly, modern medicine has been scooped up with the rest of the professions in that, doctors no longer have the time they used to to really listen to a patient's problems. Diagnoses are made with tests and have replaced the art upon which medicine initially stoop upon--listening. There are so many different aspects of a person's lack of well being. And, how can this information be ascertained without all of the details of that person's life being gathered? 


Vaccine Ruling

Dr. Jay Gordon is a highly esteemed pediatrician here in Los Angeles. He is a Western medical doctor who practices with good common sense and a big heart. This letter came in from him to me today, so I thought I would post it regarding the continued heated issue of vaccinations, please read this, it is interesting more than anything because it comes from a man who has been practicing for almost three decades.


We Should Consider Side Effects Before Medicating Our Children

Sometimes the vaccine or medication that we consider using on our children is worse than the problem that we are trying to prevent. We should, as parents try to educate ourselves on all of the facts of a situation before jumping into a decision because someone said it was a good idea.

I am not suggesting that that is what happened in this case, but saying that because of cases such as this we should remember to always try our best to consider all the facts from both sides.


The Root Of The Problem

Most women spend countless hours and days of their lives suffering with menstrual symptoms-either PRE menstrual symptoms, PERI menstrual symptoms, and sometimes POST menstrual symptoms. IT can be so bad that high doses of pain killers are required to get through, which, is completely counterproductive to good health. This can, in fact, cause a lot of damage to one's body.


Teach Your Children To Be Wise

I cringe when I see kids eating flourescent "treats". Kids don't understand that food is not cobalt blue or ruby red naturally. This kind of thing needs to be explained. They don't know that food coloring has been found to be correlated with brain damage.  It is our responsibility as parents to not only educate ourselves, but to educate our children. They are depending on you!


Herbal Medicine

Many people think if it is natural, it can't hurt you. But, that is not true. HErbs are very powerful and should be used under the guidance of a licensed professional with the experience and expertise to use herbal medicine in a manner in which is appropriate for you. I thought this article was interesting bc it illustrates very nicely just how powerful one common herb used in Chinese and other forms of alternative medicine can be--in a good way, when used wisely> 


Changing Your Diet- for you, your family and your old age!

People often say that some of the dietary recommendations that we make may be difficult to execute in today's day and age where people drink alcohol, eat fast food and junk more often than not-that in fact, those indulgences are life's pleasures.

I would ask to stop and think one moment on the impact that changing something as simple as diet may have on not only yourself, but on the rest of your family and the years ahead for all of you. 


How Much Fish Should One Eat?

This is a tough question. I have found numerous different opinions on this subject matter. This article is an interesting one on mercury, figuring our how much one can eat safely, and the politics of information! 


Heated Issue In Politics

This is from October 2008, but we felt it was important to post bc of the relevance of this issue to the rights of individuals to make their own health choices.

Raw milk for many can be much like the consumption of yoghurt or kiefer, filled with lots of organisms that may boost the immune system--more so even with raw milk bc the word "raw" means it has not been pasteurized. Sounds awful to a lot of you right? But, some people say it has been the reason for life changing quality of health. We drink it in our family!



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