Oopherectomy-Not For Me!


In my dissertation I discuss the importance of the ovaries to the health of women and how
removing the ovaries may negatively impact and inter-relate to IC (chronic bladder problems).

Dr. Parker, Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at both Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center and, most recently, at Saint John’s Health Center- also a Clinical Professor of Ob/Gyn at UCLA since 1995, has been a supporter of my work for years. He has been a part of publishing recent research that substantiates the importance of the ovaries and discusses why physicians should not necessarily take them out as a matter of course as they have been trained to do when performing hysterectomies. 

IC has many causes, but, in my dissertation, I discuss the involvement of ovarian removal with being one piece of the puzzle in the IC picture of some women having had this procedure. In this research, Dr. Parker is discussing even "more serious" adverse health problems as the result of removing the ovaries that could even result in terminal illness. The research is outside the scope of IC, I mention the IC only because this is my area of expertise.

A funny side note-when I adopted my dog and took her to be spayed, I would not allow the
vet to remove her ovaries, bc I am seeing more dogs that are starting to have chronic
bladder infections turning into what looks like IC. He said he would honor my wishes as long
as I did not tell anyone he was the one who did the procedure bc it is just not done in
veterinary medicine. Perhaps this study will begin to change the mindset of ovary removal
in hysterectomy procedures!

No matter which perspective you view this research from, IC or other health concerns, this article is very important to read!