Patient Stories

These are a few of the stories that were generously offered by those wanting to share their experiences. We are continuing to gather stories from others who would also like to share. Updates for those who are mid-treatment will be posted on an ongoing basis. Many stories have unfortunately not been made available.

A few words of caution:
Some testimonials make reference to having to be careful about consuming certain things. This is true, some still have to be careful because they may feel vague symptoms. The reason for this is because their bodies still have a little further to go in the process or it may be that they have a problem with a specific food item for any one of many reasons.
Different things happen to each individual at different times along the way to feeling well. Medications have been dropped at different intervals while other medications may have entered the picture. One often does not know those details when reading a person's story. Keep in mind that all of the facts are not always available.
Identifying with someone else's journey is healthy and constructive but, please remember not to compare yourself to the familiarities you may find in other's accounts. Each person's condition is as individual as she or he and each individual is going to have very different issues. The medical history and current status of each person outlines the path upon which that person needs to travel.
So, read the stories with an appreciation for the overall message, just remember not to superimpose someone else's path upon your own.
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