At the beginning of 2008 I was so crippled with osteoarthritis that I was forced to cancel my trip to Israel. My rheumatologist recommended that I get acupuncture treatments to facilitate my recovery.My daughter was being treated at BoMamed and, on her advice, I began acupuncture treatments. 

I met Boaz and he actually changed my life. I was barely able to walk and also my lower back gave me tremendous pain which made it extremely difficult to stand straight for any length of time.Boaz told me from the get go to ask his advice on anything that I wanted to know.His words were "ask me anything, I love questions".
He changed my diet completely, eliminating sugar in order to cut down on the yeast that was clogging my system. I no longer eat fruit, regular bread, pasta, nor do I drink alcoholic beverages or soda.
I am now walking a mile a day without pain and I am preparing to go on a tour in the Himalayas.

If you wish to speak to me about BomMmed, please e-mail me: dozar3@aol.com.

David Oreck