Perspective On The Human Body

Years ago, in search of health, I began to study medicine. First, western medicine, and later various kinds of alternative medicines. I was interested in all of them. But, when I stumbled upon Chinese medicine, all of the sudden, it was like, the world began to speak my language. Odd, bc I am not Chinese. Nor dis I have any exposure to Asian culture what so ever at that point in my life. But, when I read my very first book on the subject it spoke to me in a profound way. The first book I read was "The Web That HAs No Weaver" by Ted Kaptchuck. It is a little out there for those Western thinkers, but for people like me at the time, who had been first saved by and then failed by Western medicine, it shouted out all kinds of possibilities-the possibility of health and getting my life back. After reading that book, I quit my job, went to school, and the rest is history. Shortly after graduating, Boaz and I created the following website, which, is ancient. We have not updated it in years. And, since that time, our practices have evolved in two different directions and incorporate other alternative therapies within our Chinese medical practices. But, Chinese medicine remains the foundation of our work. I thought perhaps it would be of interest to many of you on the fundamental aspects of Chinese medicine: 

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