The Root Of The Problem

Most women spend countless hours and days of their lives suffering with menstrual symptoms-either PRE menstrual symptoms, PERI menstrual symptoms, and sometimes POST menstrual symptoms. IT can be so bad that high doses of pain killers are required to get through, which, is completely counterproductive to good health. This can, in fact, cause a lot of damage to one's body.

It is fascinating how, like other common problems, like allergies, digestive distress, high cholesterol, arthritis, and the likes, people think common problems like menstrual difficulties is normal. Normal? Well, so many people have it, so why not? But, it is NOT normal! The only thing that it means that everyone has it, is that everyone has it! So, something must be wrong, bc that is not the way nature intended it to be.
Many alternative docs will prescribe all kinds of symptomatic natural pain relievers to ameliorate this problem, such as calcium magnesium  for example. But, this will calm the cramps, but, will never fully solve the problem. The bottom of these kinds of problems is that the body is not in proper balance. Providing a well rounded balance to one's system gives your body to function the way it is supposed to function-in harmony and without pain. it is not supposed to hurt or feel uncomfortable when you eat or drink or run, why should it hurt when you menstruate?
Good question! IT shouldn't. So, these are the kinds of things that a person should think about when they think of their health. Don't attack the symptoms by sticking on band aids. Seek help to get to the root of the problem. 

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