Someone To Listen

Sadly, modern medicine has been scooped up with the rest of the professions in that, doctors no longer have the time they used to to really listen to a patient's problems. Diagnoses are made with tests and have replaced the art upon which medicine initially stoop upon--listening. There are so many different aspects of a person's lack of well being. And, how can this information be ascertained without all of the details of that person's life being gathered? 

A patient came in last week and after her visit called to say thank you, thank you for LISTENING. She said she could not believe that she had been here for two hours and those two hours had passed so quickly. She said no one ever bothered to ask her about the details of her life and her feelings to the degree that had been done here. 

But, this is how an alternative medical clinic is supposed to work! The sad part is that many ofthe alternative clinics have become much like the western medical clinics where time is money and people go in an out all too quickly.

At Bomamed, we try very hard to listen and give time to each patient. Adding up the elements of everything about a person, mind, body, and spirit will create a formula for the restoration of that person's well-being. And, listening is the key! 

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