Staying Trim, Slim and Healthy

When people are overweigtht they think diet, they dont think change. They cut calories, or fat, they dont rearrange their eating habits. Most people dont realize how many pounds they hang onto just by eating things like sugar and alcohol. Sugar and alcohol are not thought of as fatty foods so most people dont cut those out. There is lots more to good health than just cutting alcohol and sugar, but if you only cut those out, you would start getting ahead of the battle with the scale. In fact, after making these and some other simple changes, you would be able to eat alot more than you do now and keep your weight down. Rethinking how you eat and what you eat, and what food give you pleasure can change your while life as well as your body. We at bomamed can help bridge the gap from where your body is now to where you want it to go. We are in fact, what we eat!

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