Super Bugs and Why Alternative Medicine is Becoming More and More Important

With resistance to antibiotics growing due to the over use and misuse of antibiotic therapy, more and more people are turning to alternative forms of medicine to treat infections.

There have been many articles written by other researchers such as Dr. Mercola and others on this subject. And, I can add in that we, at BOMAMED have found alternative medicine to be very effective in treating stubborn infections as well.

It is much more difficult for bacteria and fungi to become resistant to the often multi-component type formulas given by alternative doctors and practitioners because resistance is easier to occur with single strain medicines such as antibiotics. And, maybe it is also because supplements and herbs are aimed at more than the infection itself.

This is a frightening trend in Western medicine and may be an area where one can find other solutions with alternative medical care in chronic infectious situation as well as acute.

Interesting food for thought: 

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