Taking Care of Our Children

As we indicated in the blog earlier this week, the topic of vaccinations is a hot and emotional topic and we are not representing any extreme positions. However, we would like to offer suggestions for thought so that parents can make the best decisions for their children. When we first became parents the first book we read on this issue said something that always stood out in our minds. It said to think about what your child would endure if he or she was to get the disease for which you were thinking of vaccinating against vs what would happen if the worst side effects associated with the vaccine would occur in your child. That always made sense. Since then the struggle to understand more about the health issues that seem to be rising in our young continues. There is so much more chronic disease and specific disease patterns that are perhaps owing to the current "health" practices going on in pediatrics today. Using alternative medicine as one part of your child's health program can make a 100% difference in your child's immune system function, neurological function, and emotional well-being. Please read this very interesting article:


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