Thermography vs. Mammography

when it comes to this subject, I am far from an expert. But, I do like to pass on a good thing when I know about it. Thermography has been one good thing that I have passed on to a few patients asking for alternatives to mammography.

According to my understanding, it is able to detect cancer as it is beginning to occur, far before it becomes a cancer.

And, while this may be true-again, I am not an expert, my good friend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and she has had mammography regularly and given a clean bill of health. 

Now, having said that, this friend has had extraordinary stress the last few months, and one theory that I thought of is that the stress was so severe, perhaps it could have developed suddenly between the time of the last thermography and the time she felt the lump, which was just last week. Again, I am not an expert. But, I wanted to pass this along because it is a modality growing in popularity that even I have suggested to many people, and on the off chance that thermography failed my friend, I want others to know, just in case.


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