In case any of you missed it, tylenol was recently recalled for kids:  http://tylenol.com/

We typically do not recommend the use of tylenol-restated actually, we never recommend it. We always recommend trying to use herbal therapy to ease any symptoms that parents would use for tylenol for in their children.

True story: the other night we went out to dinner and left the kids with a babysitter-my good friend who happens to be a physician assistant in the ER happened to be at our house. One of our children spike a really high fever so much so, she called to say we had to come home. We of course ran home, but we were a half an hour away. So, I told her what herbs to give my child until we could get to the house. The fever was gone by the time we got home and she was no longer like a wet rag laying on my friend's chest!

Often using tylenol can actually complicate your child's illness-so many options are available instead of tylenol.

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