What Does Your Outer Appearance Mean About Your Health?

Often we go to the dermatologist because of a dark mark or small growth or rash somewhere on our body. Or, we may go to our internist because our hair is shedding too much or because we have toenail fungus or we may even have have more serious problems with such things as edema or hives. I give these examples because these are often things that come without a diagnosis. These are things that often your Western medical doctor will treat and take care of, but the origin may not be fully understood.

What is really interesting is to look at the situation from the perspective of Chinese medicine. Often these external signs and symptoms (and these are only a very few simple examples) are meaningful to what is going on on the inside of the body. In the absence of your doctor finding something really wrong in these instances, this is where Chinese medicine shines. We use these kinds of outwardly signs and symptoms to determine imbalances in and between various organs.
We also determine the kinds of imbalances that are going on. There are many ways in which to determine imbalances that are quite detailed and complex. 

It is very common for someone to have a growth on one area of their skin, say, over their eyebrow, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and low back pain. These otherwise would seem like unrelated issues, but we would not look at it in that way. We would delineate a line that connects these seemingly unrelated issues to substantiate a syndrome of imbalance.

So, next time you go to your Western medical doctor or two or three with all of these separate complaints, think about including us on your list of stops. Maybe we can shed some light and perspective on the situation that you did not anticipate! 

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