To Wipe or Not to Wipe, that is the Question!

OK, big issue! Today a patient came in who has eczema all over her hands and whos 
child is getting sick continuously. So I asked what is going on? Is there mold in your house?
As we sat and discussed the details of her case she took this bottle out of her bag and
showed it to me. It was the natural equivalent of the standard antimicrobial hand lotions
and wipes that are available today. I was stunned bc I realized that this was a breakdown
in communication from my part. Now I realized why she and her son had not been doing 
well over these past months. She told me she has obsessive hand wiping habit for both
her and her son. I want to be super clear here-natural antibiotics must also be used with
the same kind of care that western antibiotics should be. They all kill. We need to preserve
our natural balance of bacteria on our skin inside and out to have an immune system. 

So, if you are in a place where you are touching lots of suspicious surfaces, just dont
touch your face. When you get home wash your hands with your won gentle soap-one
that is not antibacterial. OR carry a gentle soap in your purse and if you need to go
to the restroom and wash with that. But, stop using strong antimicrobial washes on
your hands so you don't wash away all the good stuff too!