Is Your Child Reacting To Things In Your Home?

There are many things that are involved in your child's allergies or asthma. It starts with constitution, has everything to do with choices in healthcare and diet, and also includes exposure to environmental toxins. Environmental toxins include things outside the home, but also include toxins inside the home. Many things that we bring into the home effect the health of our children. We are very familiar with the recent case of John Travolta's son. When he was young, Mr. Travolta said that he felt his child became ill because they had been cleaning thier carpets too often and the chemicals from that cleaning process negatively impacted his health. There are many things in our homes that can create toxicity in our children, from cleaning products to laundry detergents. But, the list includes things that are finishes on our walls countertops and floors. This article is an interesting one that many parents may not think about. Everything that we can do to reduce the toxicity that our children must endure is a step toward making our children's immune systems work more efficiently!