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Chinese medicine provides help for various medical conditions, by supporting all aspects of the human body--physical, mental and emotional.

Chinese medicine works through the concept of bringing the body back to a homeostatic state through a system which recognizes various states of imbalance.
Since the West has also begun to embrace alternative kinds of healing therapies, Chinese medicine has become an accepted medical modality in most of the United States recognizing the wide spectrum of diseases that are treatable via this aspect of alternative medicine.
Many conditions respond to the application of the whole body balancing techniques that Chinese medicine provides. Often practitioners of Chinese medicine have general practices, whereas others may choose to specialize, even though they are still taking an holistic approach to the human body.
The most important aspect of Chinese medicine is the ability to not only treat disease but to promote HEALTH. There is a big difference between not being sick and being healthy, Chinese medicine can help optimize your health and well being--helping you become the best that you can be.

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pain relievers and NSAIDs are one substance correlated with the destruction of the GUT ultimately leading to the cascade of events that lead to chronic illness.



While you and your family may be eating high quality organic foods on a routine basis, a simple food preparation mistake may actually be poisoning the food you eat. What’s more, you may even be told it is safe by some medical and government leaders who are completely unaware of the research on this toxic substance.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Is Associated With Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Just one drink per day for women -- two for men -- could lead to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and subsequently cause gastrointestinal symptoms like bloating, gas, abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea, according to the results of a new study unveiled at the American College of Gastroenterology's (ACG) 76th Annual Scientific meeting in Washington, DC. The retrospective review, "Moderate Alcohol Consumption is Associated with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth," looked at the charts of 198 patients who underwent lactulose hydrogen breath testing (LHBT) to determine the

FDA Propaganda Attempts To Destroy The Dietary Supplement Industry

It is not surprising that FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg would use blatant and deceptive propaganda to attack the dietary supplement industry. As a self-proclaimed “zealot for the advancement of regulatory science,” Hamburg would like the consumer public to believe the earth is flat—and that dietary supplements cannot prevent and help treat disease


Raw milk- Is it safe ?

Please read the latest data regarding raw milk which we have been advocating and using.
Also look into the weston A.price foundation for other interesting info.


Siberian Ginseng: Boost Energy With This Universal Restorative Toni

Ginseng has been highly prized throughout the centuries for its ability to restore vigor. As Pierre Jartoux, an 18th century French priest, once wrote after learning about the herb on a trip to China, "It is an outstanding remedy for fatigue and excessive physical or mental exhaustion."
Siberian ginseng owes its origins as a tonic to a Russian physician, I. Brekman, who was searching for plants that improve human performance in the 1950s. He discovered eleuthero—Siberian ginseng. Although he did no controlled clinical studies, he gave eleuthero to thousands of workers and found that it countered fatigue, improved performance, and strengthened immunity to disease. He also wrote that ginseng "possesses a remarkably wide range of therapeutic activities protecting the body against stress, radiation, and various chemical toxins … and increasing general resistance." 1
But it wasn't until 1965 that members of the Institute of Biologically Active Substances in Vladivostok, Russia, published the first chemical report on Siberian ginseng, revealing that it contains seven compounds called eleutherosides A-G. 2
Based on numerous clinical studies, we now know that these early investigators were correct. Siberian ginseng provides numerous benefits, including the ability to:
boost energy
work as an antiviral
strengthen the immune system
improve physical and mental performance
shorten recovery time after exercise or stressful situations
improve sexual function
support the adrenal glands, increasing stress resistance
extend endurance
protect against radiation exposure
help cancer patients tolerate chemotherapy treatment more easily
An adaptogen for normal and stressed individuals


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